Brandie Posey is a Los Angeles-based comedian who has TV credits and Festival credits and blue hair, and also had her first stand up record, “Opinion Cave,” debut at #1 on iTunes and #12 on The Opinion Cave tour for that same album comes to the Brass Door downtown tonight at 8pm. Memphis is funny got a chance to talk to Brandie for, like, half a second.

Thanks for adding Memphis to your list! Have you been here before?

I have! When I moved to LA nine years ago, I specifically routed my drive through Memphis because I wanted to see Graceland – I’m a big Elvis fan, and had to see it in person. I’m excited to be back & hopefully get to see a bit more of the city, since I assume not every place has six-inch shag carpeting.

What was going through your mind when Opinion Cave hit #1 on iTunes?

I was incredibly grateful to the fans & friends who helped it get there – my career has alway been pretty DIY, and I self-produced and released the album, so to see it at #1 was really validating. I’m really proud of it and the reaction has just reinforced what I’m doing with my life. This album was personal in a lot of ways, and I couldn’t be happier with how it’s been received.

Picture This (Brandie’s LA Show that combines standup and live animation) looks fun as hell.

It is my favorite thing to do! It’s a live show that I do at festivals around the country where we pair up comedians & animators who draw their jokes live – it’s like dealing with the most talented heckler ever. I love it because you get to see your jokes through someone else’s eyes & it forces you out of your comfort zone because you’re not reallllly in charge the way that you’re used to being on stage. It’s a blast because the artists we get work on big shows too, like BoJack Horseman, Mr. Pickles & The Simpsons.

Keeping any podcast going can be tough for a lot of people, but Lady to Lady has been going on for more than 175 episodes – how do you keep the momentum going?

I’m lucky that I get to do such a fun project with 2 of my best friends in comedy – it honestly doesn’t feel like work, it’s when we catch up! A lot of times too, female comics only get booked one or two at a time on shows, so you don’t see each other very often at night – we’re scattered around town. Lady to Lady is our way of getting together & riffing & bonding & cracking each other up. My two co-hosts, Barbara Gray & Tess Barker, are awesome & hard workers too, so we’ve always shared the same goals even though personality-wise we are all really different – that always keeps our chemistry fresh.

What can Memphians expect to see at the show tonight?

I’ve driven 2,000 miles in four days so I am pretty excited to be around people again, ha. My live show is energetic, I have strong opinions on Renaissance Festivals and am generally a bit of a pistol. But also a sweetheart. I’m a pussy cat with a gun. Or a bow and arrow. I’m the fox from Robin Hood. Come fall in comedy-love with me, Memphis.

Brandie Posey is performing tonight at the Brass Door (152 Madison Ave.) at 8pm. Her album, Opinion Cave, is available on iTunes.