Brandon Scanavich, originally from Memphis, now in California and currently on tour with Michael Blackson, returns to Memphis this Sunday to host the “Who got next? Comedy Competition” featuring Harold King, T. Smith, Montana Richardson and Chris Ingram. Memphis is Funny caught up with Brandon to get the details on this weekend’s show at Rockhouse Midtown.

MIF: What inspired this particular show?
Well, I wanted to do something a little different. Overall, comedy is just fun and often viewed as medicine for the soul. However, making it competitive and giving the contestants a chance to win is that much more motivating! Also, I wanted to give each comedian a chance to build and establish relationships with one another. That’s one thing I’ve discovered from comedians on a national level, they aren’t just co-workers but most of them are like family and have relationships and bonds on and off stage.

MIF: You’ve done comedy around the country – is there anything unique about Memphis comedy or Memphis audiences?
Memphis Comedy, just like any other city ,possesses certain attributes that make it stand out from the rest. Some of the comics here are experts at being negative towards one another and are very territorial. As far as the audiences go, in most cases the audiences are very particular, but it just depends on what venue, in my opinion.

MIF: What can you tell us about the comedians on the show?
I know each comedian on this show personally, not for an extensive amount of time but long enough to know that they can bring the funny and have what it takes to being relevant in today’s world of comedy.

MIF: In comedy circles, a lot is made about when someone is “ready” or has earned a transition from “open micer” to “comedian.” What do you think about that?
That whole thing about being an open nicer to a comedian is a matter of opinion and in most cases is a bunch of nonsense! Whether open mic Or national headliner, Some people will still find you not funny and that’s just life. I’m around comedians all of the time and even in the caliber of guys like Kevin Hart, Katt Williams, Eddie Griffin, Michael Blackson etc. Some people will still say those guys are not funny and after awhile you have to say are they really not funny or are you just being negative. I’ve received standing ovations In California, New Mexico and even on the east coast, But in Memphis I was told (by a Memphis comedian) I was terrible overall. I’ve featured in 40 of the 50 States with some of comedy’s household names, but it wasn’t until I took the stage in Memphis is where I was supposedly “terrible.” But, I promise no one is going to think anything about Sunday is terrible. This show is ready.

MIF: What can people expect from this show that they won’t get anywhere else?
You can expect a variety of unique humor that will not only joggle your imagination but will also give you a different look on life in a funny way. You will see each one of these guys bring a high level of originality and energy that will result in a great show.

Who got next? Comedy Competition is this Sunday at Rockhouse Live in midtown. Doors open at 7, show is at 8 pm.