Academy Award winning director Craig Brewer (Hustle & Flow) will be taping special performances of You Look Like for a new web series.

from the facebook event:

A monthly showcase of spite, a battle of bitchery, a competition of OH HELL NO at the P&H. Watch the quickest wits from all over the country talk mad shit.

…and on these nights, it’ll all be caught on film. You Look Like has been picked up for a webseries directed by Memphis’ very own Craig Brewer (You know, the Hustle & Flow guy aka the Black Snake Moan guy aka the Empire guy aka etc.) We’ve chosen 16 comics for the production but we need you, too! Please RSVP as our space will be limited.
Oh,and hey, for just two nights, THE P&H WILL BE NON SMOKING! That’s right, YLL is now so huge that it can change the very fabric of reality as you know it.
Thank you for this, Memphis. Come share the fun!