David Tveite & Kevin Seefried full interview

Christine Marie, Memphis is Funny’s latest loquacious lyricist, ambushed David Tveite and Kevin Seefried to discuss their tour. The biggest draw in Memphis comedy is Kyle Kordsmeier’s couch (@MidSouthKyle on Twitter), which brought these two globetrotters, (Kevin has lived in Denver, New York, Boston, and DC, David in Minnesota, Seattle, DC, and New York) to this “bohoasis.” Most of the tour dates coincide with friends who have couches.

Kevin (@KSeefried on Twitter) has done a lot of the promotion for the 16 day pilgrimage himself, but both David (@Tveiteprivilege on twitter) and Kevin (KevinSeefried.com) acknowledge the necessity of a great peer group, including comics like Matty Litwack, Lafayette Wright, Krish Mohan, Jamel Johnson, Stavros Halkias and Chris Milner who will be joining the boys for a few dates.

“The more a scene is entrenched in hierarchy, the worse off that scene is,” says Kevin.

“When you travel you end up seeing way more comics, I think it’s really good to see someone whose doing something similar to what you’re doing and doing it better because it makes you think about your identity and what you’re trying to convey.“ David (Instagram @KillTveite)

“You’re not forced to be as personal or as unique when you are isolated from the other scenes… I thought my joke was super unique and funny, someone had a similar premise, other people have thought of this angle, I need to figure out how to customize it… I write very few jokes, so I’m going to keep it.”

David just writes jokes out of hacky tags; “Don’t you hate it when you’re jacking off and everyone on the bus is like “dad?”

For the raw, uncut, uncensored, unsolicited advice from David Tveite and Kevin Seefried, click the link above, and come see them live at The Tuesday Show at Hi Tone (412-414 North Cleveland Avenue) on 8/30/2016 hosted by Kyle Kordsmeier (@MidSouthKyle on Instagram) and Doug Gillon (@douggillon). You can also hear projects like SadnessTown (DavidSadnessTown@gmail.com) where he brings on a comic with a 7 song playlist from high school and David makes fun of them!