Killer Beaz has appeared on more than 100 TV shows over the span of his 30+ year career as a stand up comedian. He will be appearing all weekend at Chuckles Comedy House during the early shows (7PM Friday, Saturday and Sunday). He has two albums available on iTunes – Save Up and Don’t Ever Touch Anybody You Don’t Know

MIF: Thanks for talking to us! First things… because not everyone knows. Where did the name Killer Beaz come from? 

Ha!  The most asked question ever! Here’s how it went down…

My last name is Beasley, people called me Beaz my whole life.  When I was a blues guitarist in old timey days,  I would run out in front of the band, do my little solo, and people that knew me would yell, “That was KILLER, Beaz!”  The people that didn’t know me thought it was my stage name…such and such band, with Killer Beaz on guitar.  When I started stand up, I kept the stage name.

MIF: Do you consider yourself a “southern” comedian? Do you think there’s something inherently different about comedy in the south?

Indeed, I do.  I am not a COUNTRY comic, because I have always lived in the city.  Mainly, it’s the accent that sets southern comics apart from the rest of the country.   With that being said, the culture of the south lends itself to unique self expression.  Any Allman Bros fan can tell you that.

MIF: You’ve got two albums available on iTunes (ed. note: the Lobster Gram bit on the latest one is amazing). Do you have a metric for when you release a new album? How does that come about?

First of all, thank you for the compliment on the Lobster gram bit.  As far as recording an album, most of my material is based on true stories, so it kind of depends on the muse…sometimes it comes faster than others.  As for the next project, we are recording a DVD next month.

MIF: You’ve been living in and performing in Tennessee almost as much as anywhere. Do you think there’s a unique element to TN crowds or to Southern crowds?

Here’s what I know about TN crowds, people that live near Memphis, Nashville, and Pigeon Forge can drive 1 hour and see world class performers.  The bar is set really high in the Volunteer State, I love that, it’s like black belt class.

MIF: What can people expect to see at your shows this weekend?

I’m a storyteller, I like lots of punchlines, and the “O’Henry Endings”  I feel like it’s a performance art, and I want the audience to leave feeling spent.  If they are not a happy puddle of goo, I didn’t do my job!  See y’all there!

Killer Beaz unique blend of experienced, southern comedy will be at Chuckle’s Comedy House all weekend. Tickets available at