Oscar P is a Memphis-based comedian with touring experience, and the host of the Click’s Humpday Comedy Showcase, that recently celebrated its third year. Tonight he headlines ’40 Plush,’ a live-taping of his material at Chuckle’s Comedy House.

MIF: Live taping tonight! Are you excited?

Oh yeah. I’m very excited, and hoping to see this show propel my career.

MIF: You’ve been working with Chuckle’s for a while now, how significant is it to have this show here in Memphis?

It’s very significant. Chuckle’s Comedy House is where I really grew as a comedian and gained a following.

MIF: What does ’40 plush’ mean?

’40 Plush’ represents the city I love and grown in and started my family in. I-240 and I-40 are two highways that bring people to this beautiful city. Plush means extravagant and, also, I am in my forties.

MIF: What can people expect from the show tonight?

Truth about my life as usual. They trust my jokes. All soul comedy. Oscar P.