The very first Drafts and Laughs show is tonight at Memphis Made Brewery at 7:30. Troupe member Sammy Anzer answered a few questions about the show.

What is #draftsandlaughs ?

It’s the first show put on by our comedy group: Comma Comedians, or as we’re known in type: ” ,,,,, Comedians.” (think the Culture club classic 80’s song) We’re at Memphis Made Brewery and they’ll be handling the draft beers and we’ll be giving out the laughs.

Who is involved?

For this first show, you’ll be able to see Hunter Sandlin and Wes Corwin performing, Sammy Anzer hosting, the talents of Will Loden and Mark Brimble along with a special guest appearance.

What can people coming to this show expect?

Comedy-goers should expect a night of comedy, academics, absurd sketches, and delicious, local beer.

Why should be people come out to the show?

People should come because they either like beer, laughing or both. We’ve assembled a rag-tag Avengers like group of different comedic personalities and all of them are delightful.

Drafts and laughs is the first show in Memphis that has craft beer, Memphis’ best standup comedians, and the heckling of a respected scientist. The York entrance doors open at 7:30 on the third Thursday of May. Tonight’s show is $2 at Memphis Made Brewery.